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Key Features

Our app has some unique features

Real-Time Reconnection

Real-Time Reconnection

If vehicles get separated, RoadtripTribes automatically guides you back to the tribe's path.

Multi-Platform Access

RoadtripTribes is available on iOS, Android, and the web for seamless coordination.

Create and Join Tribes

One person sets up the road trip, and others can easily join the adventure with a simple invitation.

Stay Together, Always

Keep your RoadtripTribe together on the same route, no matter how big the convoy.

Walkie-Talkie Mode

Stay in constant communication with your tribe members, making every road trip feel like an adventure.

How It Works

We will guide you from planning to driving


Create your Roadtrip and your Tribe

Plan your roadtrip with our roadtripl planner and invite friends or family to join your RoadtripTribe.


Stay connected while driving

Use the walkie-talkie mode to chat, share stories, and coordinate stops in real-time while you are on your Roadtrip.


Never get lost

Even if vehicles get separated, RoadtripTribes keeps everyone on the same route.


Share memories

Capture and share moments from your journey with your tribe members.


What our travellers say

    "RoadtripTribes has completely transformed the way we do road trips. In the past our group always struggled to stay connected and we would spend hours trying to regroup. But with this app, our tribe can now explore together without a worry. The walkie-talkie feature is a game-changer, and we've created unforgettable memories on the road thanks to RoadtripTribes!"

    Mark and Lisa

      "We love doing roadtrips with friends, and RoadtripTribes has become an essential part of our journeys. The 'stay together, always' feature ensures that we're never left behind or separated from our group. Whether we're cruising the coast or conquering mountains, RoadtripTribes keeps us in sync and adds a whole new level of excitement to our adventures. Highly recommended!"

      Susan and Michiel

        "We've tried various navigation apps, but RoadtripTribes stands out. It truly encapsulates the essence of the open road and adventure. We recently took a cross-country journey with our friends, and this app ensured we were always on the same route. The walkie-talkie feature added a fun and nostalgic touch, making our road trip unforgettable."


          "We've been on countless road trips, but RoadtripTribes has redefined our adventures. The real-time reconnection feature has saved us multiple times, making sure we're never lost or left behind. The app's intuitive design and the fact that it's created by fellow roadtrip lovers makes all the difference. It's now a must-have companion for our journeys!"


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